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Better processes through integration

Leverage transportation technology and become more efficient and employee-centric.

With Buus you can enhance your productivity and improve employee experience.  And create new, automated pŕocesses (to make data-driven decisions) that offer better and more efficient transportation services to employees.

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Access control gives you many benefits

Digital Access Control in Real-time: security and compliance.

With Buus, boarding information of employees is digital and real-time. And It empowers HR. Not only does it enhance safety and contributes to satisfaction, many companies use it to track and monitor employee attendance accurately. True information to measure compliance with attendance policies alongside transportation usage!

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Control at your fingertips

Apps that inform and please employees, drivers and HR!

Knowing when the vehicle will arrive and who to pick-up makes employees and drivers feel well-informed. And features for employees to coordinate their travel plans not only contributes to the overall satisfaction of HR, it also can create optimized transportation plans automatically!

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Automation and control in the hands of HR

Reduce HR workload with employee self-service and new processes!

Want to automatically do travel reimbursement or organize transportation on-demand without effort?  These are just a few examples of new processes Buus can create for HR. Using Buus, allows HR to streamline processes and enhance employee experience

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join the biggest industries of the world!

Transport your employees with more transparency and efficiency.

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