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Discover how to improve your employee transportation

Not sure if your current transportation solution is effective? Buus gives you a detailed analysis!

With Buus’ Quickscan, companies now can quickly and effectively get a detailed insight in the costs and quality of their current solution. Buus analyzes key service quality parameters and operational efficiency. And Buus gives you clear strategies to improve your transportation services!


Mapping | Data Visualization | Thousands of Passengers

PlanScan: unleashing mobility potential through data analysis

Uncover every aspect of your mobility plan with our cutting-edge analysis! Buus maps the travel behaviors of thousands of employees and creates crucial insights through engaging visualizations. Use data-driven decisions to make informed decisions about travel options and policies.  to optimize your corporate mobility strategy. You can rely on Buus to streamline your mobility strategy.

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People | Planet | Profit

Harmonizing People, Planet and Profit

Buus considers the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. So that  businesses can create mobility plans that are not only economically viable but also socially responsible and environmentally friendly. The result is  a win-win-win situation for the company, its employees, and the planet. Join Buus to provide intelligent solutions for sustainable and efficient mobility!


Professional | Knowledgeable | Reliable Solutions

Trusted by reputable clients, powered by expertise

When you choose Buus, you're choosing a partner with the right mix of expertise in mobility and science prowess to propel your corporate mobility plan to new heights of efficiency and success. Our list of clients is a testimonial to this.

Join the list of big companies that rely on Buus’ services and competence to create the best solutions for their employees.


As-Is | Tracking | Seamless

Unlocking Insights: The Power of Analyzing Your Current State

Buus allows companies using collective transportation to map their existing operations. This facilitates the examination of routes, travel times, stops, and deviations. Through Buus' vehicle and passenger apps, this data reveals actual operational costs and service quality. 

Let Buus help you retake control of your corporate mobility!

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join the biggest industries of the world!

Transport your employees with more transparency and efficiency.

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