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Introducing Virtual Mobility Management for HR

Corporate Mobility Management From start to finish

Buus’ mobility management gives HR and managers the support needed to professionally organize corporate mobility. Daily, weekly or monthly. Let us work on your corporate mobility so that you can concentrate on your other tasks.

Access Control | Apps | Safety

With access control for staff, give HR access to safety, better service and optimization.

Buus goes beyond the conventional by seamlessly integrating access control with innovative mobility solutions like shuttle buses and car-sharing programs. This not only boosts security and safety but also elevates the experience for both employees and visitors.

But that's not where Buus' mobility management stops. It takes a step further, working in tandem with HR to uncover real-time demand. This means that decisions are rooted in data, breaking down barriers and allowing for the optimization of transportation services like never before.
Get started with Buus to be in charge!

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Measure | Analyze | Improve

Key Performance Indicators for efficient transport management.

Effective mobility management relies on accurate and timely data about travel patterns, conditions, and user behavior. Buus knows what to look for, how to interpret the data the right way and gives you the right recommendations. And with us at your side, you too will know what to do!

Strategy | Scenarios | Decision

Navigating Change: Strategy through Scenario Analysis

Managing mobility is all about staying flexible in the face of change. Think about how more employees, new travel choices, and rule changes can shake things up. Plus, keeping your bosses and other people in the loop is a must.

That's where Buus comes in. We use smart data analysis to help make smart choices. Our experts don't just come up with plans – they also crunch the numbers and explain everything. So, whether it's you or your colleagues, everyone gets what's going on.

Take control of your mobility strategy and deliver an outstanding transport experience for your workers.

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join the biggest industries of the world!

Transport your employees with more transparency and efficiency.

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